Sound out my voice!

Italian madrigals and bastarda music for viol consort is the topic of our new CD. The CD is available in most well known online music stores, e.g., iTunes, amazon, or google, or personally from the members of the ensemble.


"I have no hesitation recommending this recording highly. It's beautiful and interesting repertoire that hasn't already been recorded to death, performed by talented musicians who have clearly taken the time to think about the music and their interpretations, as well as to learn and perform it well." - Joëlle Morton, The American Viola da Gamba Society, December 2010

"The playing of OrlandoViols is exemplary throughout: the emotional range of each piece is expertly met with precise ensemble work, clear articulation and phrasing. [...] The overall sheen of sound is well complimented by the acoustic of Kloster Konradsburg where the CD was recorded in 2009." - Dr. Michael Mullen, The Viol (UK Viola da Gamba Society), November 2010

"This is a very uplifting CD and all fans of early music will want to follow this new ensemble with a keen eye." - Curtis Rogers, Musical Opinion, January 2011

"The group uses a colourful palette of strings for this recording based around the standard consort formation but including two violones and lirone - a true feast!" - John Weretka, The Australian Viola da Gamba Society, November 2010

"The performances by the German viol consort Orlandoviols is simply brilliant. It produces a warm sound, and phrasing and articulation are immaculate. The original vocal pieces are given very engaging performances as well, with fine dynamic gradation." - Johan van Veen, January 2011.

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Harmony of the Spheres

Harmony of the Spheres

cycles - beats - patterns

cycles - beats - patterns

CD: Sound out my voice!


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